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Who are we? Dalston Computer Repair

We offer callout and shop services to residents and business within Dalston and surrounding areas, we help find solutions in-house or specialist partners regarding pc and mac problem, we also implement computer security and protection, pc and mac set up, computer help. Have a look at our reviews Click for Reviews

Enjoy a better Computing experience with Dalston Computer Repair

We try to improve our customer performamce


At Dalston Computer repair we aim to solve your computer nightmares, if we cannot we work with competitors to solve tham, we are a customer first company

PC and MAC Repair

We can help with PC and MAC repair, call us to find out how we can help with your issue.

Computer Security

We can help secure computers at home and in the workplace from malware, trojans and various computer access issues.

Computer Setup and Help

We can setup your PC or MAC at your home or office.

Wi Fi and Cable Networking

We can help with wi fi and cable networking computers and equipment.

Data Recovery

We can help recover non tampered sd and xd card, some usb drives .

IT Support

We can provide IT support onsite and remote to homes and companies.


Feel Free To Contact Us

We are happy to hearfrom you daily from 8am-10pm

Dalston Computer Repair


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